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Finally watched Only Lovers Left Alive last night and i thought it was amazing!! No spoilers but did anyone get what the part with the mushrooms was for? I had a bit of a giggle when Adam was wearing the head torch, i cant have been the only one… right?

I have no idea what the mushroom bit was for, but it produced my favourite line of the film ;) and the best use of the word ‘fuck’ 

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Tom being disappointed about his result on Top Gear.

nah, this was his anticipatory face. His disappointment face was surprisingly blank.

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what are you

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Hadley Fraser taking care of Tom Hiddleston

you missed the best line:

"You’ve got a bit of toothbrush-paste there…"

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you bastard with your hair and your jumper and your cupboards

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when your favorite celebrity is not only an amazing actor but more importantly a truly good person

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Tom Hiddleston attends ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Premiere at Le Grand Rex on October 23, 2013 in Paris, France [HQ]

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I love this. It’s like he’s about to break into a Gene Kelly tap-dance routine.


I KNOW THE HEEL CLICKING THING I JUST. And then the defiant little laugh. Kill me pls. 

this is what i was talking about, flappy!  such a brat.

so petulant and sassy. love it!!

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