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“You can’t help me anymore.” -  “You don’t mean that.” - “Go home.”

#just think about this for a second #the worst thing you can tell to Samwise Gamgee is that he has outlived his usefulness. #that he can’t go with you into MORDOR because you don’t need his help anymore. #he doesn’t want to it’s the last thing he wants it’s the worst thing he thinks could happen (to him to you to the world)#BUT because he is your friend and trusts and loves you above all others he does as you tell him to #he LEAVES because YOU tell him to go #Even worse he actually believes the bad things Gollum is saying about him the ones you believe as well b e c a u s e you believe them. #AND IT IS ONLY WHEN HE FINDS PROOF THAT HE WAS SET UP THAT HE FINDS THE STRENGTH TO DISOBEY YOU AND COME BACK AND KICK SHELOB’S ASS #and so he returns and kicks Shelob’s ass to save you because he is ever your friend and ‘don’t you leave him Samwise Gamgee’ #and oh boys you love each other so much it makes the most gruelling part of the journey you’re on into something so very beautiful. #… i just love sam so much and this gives me a lot of feelings

oh god why

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Mr & Mrs Timelord

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“You’re just squabbling like an old married couple”

No one really gets The Doctors fury more than River Song.

Looking back at all his friends and companions, he’s never been as harsh or as blunt as he is with River.

Of course he isn’t. They’re humans (or aliens) who have been invited on a life changing adventure. He’s off to show them the universe… to be adored and loved. And when he does get cross, it’s never like this. It’s never wounding and bare because he’s their hero and he knows it.

But with River, it’s different. He isn’t her knight in shining armor, she was his. Her sacrificing herself for him eliminated that God Complex he has of himself. It doesn’t exist between them, instead he can just be, a Timelord. Instant, and real, and it’s new.

For once, he doesn’t have to be the angel he’s tried to be for everyone else. She get’s all of him, and it’s beautiful and heartbreaking but that’s marriage for you.

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#if they were female their periods would be in sync

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This is home.

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This is the best line in almost any TV series ever but you really only understand the enormity and profundity of it if you are familiar with the whole show’s mythology and it’s just so beautiful.

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you swore and said,
“we are not
we are not shining stars.”
this i know,
i never said we are.

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